Salience Consulting LLC: Supercharging HR Teams to Drive Execution

Bob Morris, Principal and Suzanne Otis, Principal, Salience Consulting LLCBob Morris, Principal and Suzanne Otis, Principal
HR teams today face pressure from nearly all directions. Are you re-designing and restructuring your organization to be more flexible, agile, and responsive? Are you building a talent pool that will drive your operation into the next months, quarter, year and beyond? Are you boosting operational efficiency to drive performance? And all this comes as HR organizations are increasingly strapped, with budgets dwindling even as HR mandates expand.

These trying times call for additional resources and expertise—in this case, a trusted partner whose bread and butter is helping HR teams to drive execution.

“Efficient HR groups enable an organization to execute its strategic goals,” says Bob Morris, Principal at Salience Consulting LLC (formerly Change Praxis Consulting). “HR Organizations today don’t have the human capital they had years ago. This leaves them struggling to find sufficient internal resources to support their clients’ initiatives,” Morris adds.

Working with Salience, HR leaders can focus on elements proven critical to execution: developing leaders who inspire, building stronger teams, and improving organizational effectiveness. Backed by consultants with extensive line management, consulting, and coaching expertise, Salience augments the talent of HR teams to ensure that the organization’s critical initiatives such as organization restructure and redesign, talent development, and change management are executed flawlessly. This enables organizations to leverage scarce internal HR resources and use them more effectively across a broader spectrum of initiatives.

Established 15 years ago by Suzane Otis, a seasoned professional HR consultant and line management executive, Salience initially focused on providing organizational development consulting services to groups such as World Bank, United Nations Group, and International Finance Corporation.

With Salience on their side, HR leaders can have the right resources and right expertise to help their organizations execute

Morris, who has held senior HR executive positions in several Fortune 100 companies, complements Suzane’s public sector capabilities with his corporate line management and HR experience. Both understand and address the challenges faced by executives and their HR leaders in executing change management and other strategic initiatives.

“Given the complex problems facing organizations today, simple fixes don’t usually work,” says Suzane. “Organizations need holistic solutions to resolve the root causes of the problems. Before we get involved in any project, we partner with the clients’ HR and line management teams to carry out a thorough diagnosis of the current situation—and we determine an approach from there,” informs Suzane. “It’s critical for sustainability that the client is fully involved every step of the way, so they truly own the solutions.”

In a case study, one of Salience’s clients was struggling to adapt to changing market conditions, competition, and regulatory developments. Salience diagnosed several problems: the client’s senior team was laser-focused on individual functional goals but less focused on overall corporate goals; teams were not structured to operate cross-functionally; they did not have a robust talent pipeline to guarantee future results. Salience worked with the C-suite to modify management routines to focus more on overall and cross-functional objectives and facilitated changes to the executives’ rewards systems to incentivize delivering on cross-functional objectives. Salience also guided the client to create a program to build their talent pipeline, including 360-degree feedback, executive coaching, and launch of the company’s first talent management and succession planning process.

A company that thrives on working closely with clients, Salience remains focused: “It’s all about execution,” says Morris. “Salience helps HR leaders deliver results by providing them with the consulting resources and expertise they need to execute.”
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Salience Consulting LLC

Salience Consulting LLC

Washington, DC and Atlanta, GA

Bob Morris, Principal and Suzanne Otis, Principal

Salience Consulting LLC is a boutique human capital consulting firm assisting clients across the globe by focusing consulting resources on those elements which most affect performance: strategy, people, structure, culture, especially when facing oncoming change, or the need to change. The company is comprised of a small group of colleagues that brings years of experience in the fields of organization development–specifically in strategy, change, facilitation, critical skills building, leadership development, team effectiveness, organization design, culture anchoring